6th June 2019 9.15am – 12.15pm      Marches Growth Hub / CGR Business Solutions Ltd Marches Growth Hub , Telford & Wrekin SB Building, Building & Technology Centre University of Wolverhampton Innovation Campus Shifnal Road, Telford TF2 9NN

Business Planning – The road trip for businesses – Route 66 or the A1?

Delivered by: Marches Growth Hub / CGR Business Solutions Ltd

The business plan is like a road trip. Where do I want to go?

What roads to I want to use? – How will I know if I am still on the route? – How will I know when I have arrived? – Where am I going next?

Like the road trip the business plan will evolve and change, retain the same guiding principles but with many twists and turns along the way.

This workshop looks at -the content & construction of a business plan & how to make it a living document. The main analogy used will be a journey along R66, from planning to arriving at Santa Monica.

Business planning is an ongoing activity and is not just for start-ups – It may be that your company is at a cross-roads and does not know which road to take, working on a business plan can help decide the correct route for you.

With any business plan you need to know where you want to get to, “Start with the end in mind” (Covey). This is usually financial but does not have to be a financial goal eg I want to employ 100 people, I want to have mentored a 1000 people or ..you may wish to retire and maximise the sale value of the company . Every company will have a different journey.

You’ll get the basic tools to construct and use your business plan to help guide your business to the desired position.


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