3rd June 2020 10:00am - 11:00am Shropshire Chamber of Commerce / Aaron & Partners Shropshire Chamber Event - Webinar

Ask the Employment Law Experts

Delivered by: Shropshire Chamber of Commerce / Aaron & Partners


This 1 hour webinar on Wednesday June 3rd from 10am until 11am  is being hosted by Patron member, Aaron and Partners.

Submit your Employment Law related questions in advance when you sign up for our experts to answer live on the Q&A, or in the chat when the Q&A is running.

(Simply email Teresa Rowe t.rowe@shropshire-chamber.co.uk  in advance)

Topics covered typically include:

Furlough – eligibility and payments, taking on other jobs, returning (or refusing to return) to work, post-furlough salary cuts.
Redundancy – redundancy versus furlough, process, communication, and risks.
HR – hero payments, sick pay eligibility, holiday accrual, and annual leave management.
Continued working – safety in the workplace, refusal to work, working from home, childcare responsibilities.


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