5th July – 1st November 2023 13:00 - 14:30 The Positive Psychologist SYST Event Online

4D – Wellbeing

Delivered by: The Positive Psychologist

This series will cover:

1. Dare:

• Dare to uncover what is holding you back right now

• Dare to challenge the self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you ‘safe’

• Dare to take your first steps towards your fabulous future self!

The negativity bias of the brain will always try to keep us ‘safe’ to protect us from danger. Yet all too often, this bias is stopping us from moving forward and living our true potential. Let’s become aware of the negative thoughts that are holding us back. To do so, we will have to notice our self-talk. Is our self -talk full of positive or negative thoughts? Let’s challenge those thoughts. Let’s decide if those thoughts are going to take us closer – or further away – from who we want to be. Let’s smash through every single limiting belief that is no longer serving us! Let’s arm ourselves with a vast array of empowering beliefs. We will then be ready to take the next step towards our fabulous future self…

2. Dream:

• Dream of being yourself in all your awesomeness

• Dream of doing everything you’ve secretly wanted to try

• Dream of living the best day of your life

“We are either defined by a vision of the future or the memories of the past.” -Dr Joe Dispenza

Since most of our daily habits are based on thoughts that come from the past, we’re often guilty of reliving thoughts and actions from the past too. If we want to move forwards, we will need a shiny future vision to move towards. Most people do not dare to dream. This is going to be your opportunity. Together. we will explore what psychology says you need to have for a happy life. We will create a compelling personal and professional vision. The clearer you become about your vision, the more likely it is that you will take action to bring it to life. Psychology shows ‘neurons that fire together, wire together’. Every time we have a thought, it becomes more real in our minds. Let’s dare to dream and let’s make this dream VERY exciting and VERY real.

3. Design:

• Design a life you will feel proud to live

• Design of life that is glittered with success

• Design a rock- solid plan to start living this life

Once we’ve figured out our dreams, it’s time to make them come true by taking action. We’re going a design a rock-solid plan. We’ll leap into the future and start from the end. We’ll establish what success will look like for you, and then we’ll break down all the baby steps you’ll need to take to get there. We’ll gain some tips and trick from psychology to keep going when times get tough. We’ll learn how to navigate negative emotions, cultivate a Growth Mindset and ‘fail forwards’ to shiny success.

4. Discover:

• Discover the strengths that will seal your success

• Discover how to set great goals

• Discover how to coach yourself to greatness

Once we have a plan, we will have set of goals. We will focus on our first goal. We will explore the strengths that make us shine and will help us reach this goal. We will learn a simple coaching model that we can use on ourselves each time we want to move forwards but feel stuck. We will also all coach the other participants on the session to empower them to discover their greatness too! We will learn to be great coaches and discover how to ask the great questions that unlock our true potential! We will decide what is the next big question we need to ask and answer to soar to incredible success!

*Eligibility criteria required – please contact hello@systbusiness.co.uk for further information*


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