20th January 2020 10:00 - 13:00       Intellectual Property Office SYST Enterprise Centre – Telford
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Intellectual Property Office Workshop

Delivered by: Intellectual Property Office

Every Business Owns IP What do you own?

Most successful businesses, large or small, are built  on well managed intangible assets like intellectual property (IP).

Businesses create and use IP all the time, perhaps without realising it. Whether it is the name of your company, branded products, website or even marketing materials, the value of IP can far outweigh the value of your physical assets.

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) helps businesses, innovators and entrepreneurs understand how IP can create value from their ideas, turning inspiration into sustainable business success.

Background – This very successful workshop has been designed for a wide range of stakeholders including  SMEs, advisors and a variety of professional bodies. The workshop aims to give participants a good overview of intellectual property and how it can impact on SMEs.

Workshop Description – The audience is broken up into small teams and presented with a series of scenarios in which intellectual property is crucial to a business. Once the teams have debated a scenario amongst themselves, the Intellectual Property Office speaker(s) take the audience through the answers to the problem.

Support material – Workshop booklets will be provided alongside other relevant literature relating to the course content.

Target groups – SMEs and Business advisers (accountants, bank staff, business coaches and mentors).

. Level of expertise – Basic to intermediate.
. Framework – The workshop is facilitated by the Intellectual Property Office.
. Duration – 3½ hours approximately.
. Outcome – Participants will gain a good understanding of trade marks, patents, copyright and designs
. Pre learning – Please complete the IP Equip online course, www.ipo.gov.uk/blogs/equip/ before attending this workshop.

Further information – if you would like to find out more information about the workshop please email market@ipo.gov.uk

For more information on IPO business support go to: www.gov.uk/government/collections/ip-for-businessevents-guidance-tools-and-case-studies


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