Counting Clicks

Counting clicks … a beginner’s guide to mastering Google Analytics

How do people find your website? How long do they stay? What is the user experience like on different devices? If you can’t answer these three questions with confidence, it’s time to start using an analytics tool or get to know the one you do use a little better.

Understanding SEO

People will arrive on your website from a range of sources, including search engines, social media and other webpages. If your visitor numbers are low, you need to improve your search engine optimisation (SEO). For the uninitiated, this is the process of optimising your site so that it ranks well in search engines

Choosing a tool

There are a number of tools available to analyse your web traffic. Some of these are entirely free and others have advanced features that are paid for – so-called freemium models.

Find your site’s weaknesses

Under the behaviour tab is a section called behaviour flow. This shows the path visitors normally take from when they visit your site to when they exit. It can help you diagnose potential problems

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