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Ey, up Jockeys!

Known to the local crowds as The Biggest Band in Dawley/Telford, the four man army of Savannah are pioneering a rock n roll revolution from the heart of Shropshire, guitars and drum sticks in hand, hoping to reinstate the genre back to its former glory.

Fusing the classic sounds of stalwarts of British rock including The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Stone Roses, Savannah’s music oozes that vintage aesthetic, but rejuvenates these sounds of old, resulting in PROPER rock n roll for a modern audience.

Consisting of the Liam Ball (vocals), Jason Lewis (guitar/backing vocals), Harry Neat (drums) and Ellis Holmes (bass), these tight-knit likely-lads will stop at nothing to deliver their music to the masses who deserve quality music: No trivial silliness could crack this brotherhood – all the sex, drugs, rock n roll and money could not get in the way of our divine purpose – Savannah

Having spent 4 years since the bands inception, crafting and honing their new British rock sound, Savannah are presenting a new hope for a music revolution, paving the way for many more die-hard rock n rollers to follow in their footsteps.

The new single, Taxing Times was out 21/07/17.  Rock n roll is DEAD REBORN.

Links to our work:   Never Meant To     Taxing Times

Instagram – savannahuk

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