Little Digits Jewellery

Little Digits is a small business that tries to run with the minimum of running costs to keep the price low and pass the saving on to its customer. We started in 2016 by making bespoke jewellery, this was mainly chainmail jewellery and looking for a specialism to move more into. After the founder’s child was born the idea was made to specialise in silver clay and fingerprint jewellery.

Having a background of working with terracotta clay and making sculptures means that all products are handmade. Everything that we make is from silver, including the necklaces, findings and even the wire for soldering. This is to keep it all to match up and to stop any allergies to the jewellery.

Why we are different
Rather than using computers and machines to make our products we only use moulds or handcraft our products. This makes each product unique and more personal. Also due to this we can create designs that are requested by customers.
Due to being a small business we keep a strong communication with our customer throughout the production so they know what stage their product is at and for more bespoke work make sure they are happy every step of the process.

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