Lilypad Studios Ltd

The aim for the Lilypad Studios LTD is to create a safe space in our local community where people can be creative and have somewhere they can talk about their issues. We want to help both vulnerable members of the community and the LGBTQIA+.

The Services that we will provide will be a place where people can have a space to express their creativity whether it being through art, music, or drama. We will be able to host special or private events whether that be at our own premises or at a place where you like us to be. These events can include one to one drawing tutorials or arts and crafts, having a jam session with other local musicians or acting lessons.

We will host multiple events a week from art workshops, place to hang out and play music or acting days or just sitting have a chat and a coffee.

The Products that will be available to purchase from us in house or online will be artwork created by the artists apart of the studio. These will be both digital and traditional forms of art.

We have noticed that there isn’t anything in our local area that is suitable for people to hangout and be themselves. Usually its aimed at young children, young teens or elderly people or based around sports and education.

We aim to fix that gap in the market and use our skills as creatives to give back to our community to make it a better place as a whole.

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