Hunkington House Kitchen

Hunkington House Kitchen specialises in beautifully designed, bespoke wedding cakes and personalised baking workshops. Based in Walford Health, the scenic rural outskirts of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, this dream kitchen is beautiful, bright, homely and the inspiration behind the creations.

Whether you are searching for the perfect cake for your wedding, a relaxed focused tasting session, a baking workshop, or unique experience, Hunkington House Kitchen will bring it to life. I pride myself on not only providing a Personal and professional service but on going that extra mile to create a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Hunkington House Kitchen creates the perfect setting for you to enjoy a retreat from daily life and focus on the taste experience in front of you.

Caroline Bailey, Owner

The Cakes

At Hunkington House Kitchen I believe that every wedding cake should not only look amazing but taste utterly delicious too.

I create every wedding cake from start to finish using only the finest ingredients -each and every part of the cake is made fresh to order and because it will be designed just the way you want it, it will be unique and special for your day.

Promising to deliver a personal service package, I will ensure that we work together at every step so we will turn your dream and vision into the perfect wedding cake that not only looks stunning but tastes delicious.

I promise to deliver the very best quality and detail to your wedding cake – I am a renowned perfectionist and I will always deliver a cake that I would be happy to have at my own wedding. Your happiness and satisfaction are my priority and I will go the extra mile to ensure you are getting your dream cake for your day.

The Workshops

Gather together friends, family, loved ones or colleagues and join me in Hunkington House kitchen for unique workshop experiences for small groups.

During the workshops, you will be welcomed into the Kitchen where you are free to make yourself at home, enjoy the space, the views and delicious home-made food.

As your attentive hostess, I will ensure you learn lots of techniques, experiment with different styles and decorations and create something truly delicious to take away with you. The workshop will include all the baked goods, materials and ingredients you will need and you will be given suitable packaging to take your finished masterpiece home with you.

You will be provided with welcome drinks and cake, refreshments throughout the workshop and for full day experiences you will also get to enjoy a homemade Hunkington House lunch as part of your experience.

Workshop groups are targeted at small groups to create an exceptionally friendly, fun and enjoyable afternoon.

You will find details of pre-planned upcoming workshops on my Facebook page where we aim to cover important dates and occasions on the calendar.

Workshops can be tailor-made to your needs on request. Always focusing on small groups I will introduce you to a baking experience of your choice. From decorating cupcakes, creating pastries or experimenting with bread, I can create an unforgettable experience for Mother’s Day, modest hen parties, festive occasions, team building or networking sessions or just an afternoon for friends. If you have something in mind, please get in touch as I would love to hear from you.

I adore hosting workshops – meeting new people and helping them develop and learn new skills has been the driving force in my career. I am excited that I can now take this into my business by sharing the passion I have for baking and creating by hosting these workshops where I can share these skills with you all.  You can rest assured you will get a patient and attentive workshop host and that you will go home with some new ideas and useful baking techniques.

People have likened my workshops to afternoon retreats, a place to enjoy hot drinks away from the hectic family life and a relaxing, sociable and professional gathering full of laughter and lots of tea.

The Experience/My promise

Hunkington House Hospitality is at the core of your workshop experience, I want you to be able to come and think that you can leave everything else behind and that you are coming for a lovely a day or morning out.

You will be able to enjoy all that Hunkington House Kitchen has to offer, taste some wonderful food, enjoy the company of your small party in a comfortable sociable setting and learn some new skills along the way.



Meet Caroline

I am Caroline Bailey, I live in Shropshire with my husband and two children and I’m the owner of Hunkington House Kitchen, the hostess of workshops, the creator of delectable homemade cakes, desserts and food dishes and the designer of beautiful wedding cakes.

Previous to Hunkington House kitchen, I’ve had a wide-ranging career which started in the travel industry and ended up in Human Resources. For the last 12 years of my career, I have worked for a UK-wide environmental education charity specialising in people development which has been something that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve always loved to bake and cook. I cherish fond memories of baking with my Nan, of watching my Mother who used to cater for weddings and of enjoying sugarcraft classes with my Mum and Sister. I own a huge amount of cookery books, I’m often found diving in and out of the pages, marking them up and storing ideas to experiment with.

Years ago, my husband bought me a kitchen aid; It was love at first sight and being too big to put away into the cupboards of my old kitchen gave me the excuse to use it every day. My signature dish started off as cupcakes and quickly expanded to an array of cakes and bread, I made so many that my husband had to take up cycling! I started to gather the confidence to take my skills and creativity to a professional level when a close friend encouraged me with such strong compliments about the flavour and quality of my cakes.

I’ve always dreamed of the perfect kitchen space where I could bake and create professionally as well as for friends and family and in 2018 everything started to align, allowing my dream to become reality. My career came to a natural end with redundancy, we found and bought a new home at Hunkington House and with the perfect kitchen already in place; Hunkington House Kitchen was born.

I am committed continually developing my skills, to delivering professional service, to embracing my creativity and working closely with every person that visits my kitchen. I’ve had the chance to cook with Monica Galletti, bake with John Whaite on more than one occasion, attend countless cake decorating classes all over the UK and even won some amazing prizes as part of the Great Shropshire Bake Off 2013.

I am a self-professed perfectionist and carefully ensure that what I deliver to my customers is not only the best standard of baking but also the very best of service experiences.

Thank you for visiting, please get in touch to talk about bringing your ideas to life.


The Kitchen

Hunkington House kitchen is my pride and joy. It is the heart of my home and my business.

From the first day, we moved in, I had a kitchen full of people and an oven full of food. That first weekend was spent unpacking, baking, cooking and entertaining family and friends. My dream an instant reality

We were there and it was perfect. My kitchen is where I feel invigorated and where the magic happens.

We moved into Hunkington House in the June of 2018 and I had my first official wedding cake order in August 2018 – it was that moment where It truly all began and the vision I have for this business has grown as all the elements have fallen into place.

The kitchen space where I create is bright and open, calm, homely and welcoming. Floor to ceiling windows creates an inspiring, natural light with views over beautifully landscaped garden space. I never tire of any of it.

I love sharing the space with people and seeing them enjoy themselves, I can’t wait to welcome you.

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