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Co Legal Services Ltd are not like any other legal services provider. Instead of charging you by the hour for dealing with your matter, we like to keep things simple. We charge by the project, it’s that straightforward!

Any invoice their clients not only on an hourly basis for work undertaken, but also for letters they receive in on your matter, letters out and for perusal and preparation of documents, which results in a significant bill amounting to many thousands of pounds.

At Hull & Co, regardless of the letters we send, letters we receive and amount of client contact, we will charge on a fixed fee basis. This means you know the amount you’re paying from the outset to the penny! No surprises, just crystal clear legal and commercial advice for a crystal clear price.

Therefore, if you require a simple and cost effective approach for you or your business then do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion.

In short, Hull & Co specialise in the following: –

Corporate & Business Affairs

  • Incorporations of Limited Company’s’, Charities, Partnerships & LLPs,
  • Shareholder / Partnership agreements,
  • Share purchase agreements,
  • Restructuring,
  • Terms & conditions,
  • Company secretarial services,
  • Research and development matters,
  • Technology transfer,
  • Licensing and registration of trademarks,
  • Patents and design rights,
  • Trade marks,
  • Industrial secrets.

Employment & Labour Law

  • Drafting Compromise Agreements,
  • Contracts of Employment inc. Employee Shareholder Agreements,
  • Consultancy and Agency Agreements,
  • Dismissal,
  • Restrictive Covenants,
  • Paternity Rights.

Commercial Law

  • Collaboration Agreements,
  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements,
  • Consultancy Agreements,
  • Franchising,
  • Joint Ventures Agreements,
  • Lease, Hire and Maintenance Agreements,
  • Option Agreements,
  • Sponsorship.

Hull & Co Legal Services Ltd are an alternative legal services provider pursuant to the Legal Services Act 2007 and are therefore unregulated. Hull & Co Legal Services Ltd do not engage in any reserved activity, please enquire for further details.

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