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An independent publisher of Poetry, Travel, etc. work by Harry Matthews

Including Fine Art Prints, water colours and original oil paintings.




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Author who has published books of poetry and travel. He is also a painter and has illustrated his books. He is a Master of Arts in Writing and did a year of as post-graduate researcher in English Literature on Staffordshire 16th century poet Richard Barnfield. (I was rusticated in January ’22 after being diagnosed as autistic in April ’22 & awaiting assessment for ADHD, expected January ‘23).

His business is publishing books and Fine Art prints under the imprint Harry Art Publishing

Harry Matthews is an English poet combining poetic creativity.

Harry Matthews is a young English poet with an emerging reputation, combining poetic creativity with artistic flair. His poetry contains every fruitful, every liberating thought imaginable. He has published seven collections of poems since 2020, his latest being ‘Idylls of the Nymphai from a Mantic Coracle’ (November 2021). He wrote ‘A Whimsical Journey Through India’ (Jul’21), which re-imagines his youthful meanderings around India as an easy-going modern-day explorer, in an intimate and entertaining travelogue. Harry Matthews is also a researcher specialising in the early modern poet Richard Barnfield (1573-1620, from Norbury (Staffordshire).





‘The Lost Shadow of Things’

‘True to the God in You’

‘Idylls of the Nymphai from a Mantic Coracle’


‘A Whimsical Journey Through India’

His books are published by Harry Art Publishing, which distributes through Amazon, Waterstones, and Barnes & Noble, etc.

He has two books scheduled for publication in 2022.


Travels in Amsterdam


The High Land

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