“Hailing from a history of struggling with depression and anxiety Emotion was founded by Phill Morris.

After being in a dark place during college in 2017,and being rejected help from counselling, Phill set up Emotion. Starting out as a side project along side college life as a way to help others, while using it as a means to cope with his own demons. The thought of sharing stories and talking to people in the same situation felt so much more helpful than speaking to someone who has never been in your shoes.

With that in mind Emotion was created to start a conversation, to get people talking in the hope that it would have the same effect, and people would feel that they have someone to relate to and help each other, while having a platform to speak out.

Since then Emotion is now fighting the stigma while being that voice and providing education, entertainment and bridge for people to connect and help each other. The biggest thing standing in the way of helping people with mental health is silence. If we BELIEVE AND SAY SOMETHING we can change the world and save lives.

You’re not alone, it’s okay not to be okay and we are in this together. Let’s break the stigma and believe.”

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