2C2NV Eyewear

Luxury eyewear loved by many envied by all.  Designed in the United Kingdom Made In Japan
Since 1991 our deep rooted passion was embedded which grew its fearless desire for greatness. Not only do we create the finest and most exclusive luxury eyewear, we create the ability for you to express your character in the most beautiful form.
Each frame is designed in the United Kingdom inspired by the beauty in art and the power in design from around the world. To be truly timeless time cannot be measured when creating a single frame in our collection, we must measure only in only quality, only in style, only desire.
From design to masterpiece, each frame is then built and hand finished by the finest craftsmen in Japan.
To see is the power to envision, to enlighten, to observe. To envy is the choice of those who remain on the outside as our vision is clear and shielded from within. We are to be seen, we are to be envied.
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