Award-Winning Artist Jacob Gourley Empowers Youth through Charcoal Drawing Classes in Support of Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST)

Award-Winning Artist Jacob Gourley Empowers Youth through Charcoal Drawing Classes in Support of Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST)

Art has the power to inspire, uplift, and transform lives. It can provide a creative outlet, boost self-confidence, and offer a pathway to personal growth. In the heart of Shropshire, an extraordinary artist, Jacob Gourley, has been making a significant impact by supporting the Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) through his remarkable charcoal drawing classes. Represented by the esteemed Soden Collection, Gourley’s passion for art and dedication to empowering young people has garnered both admiration and accolades.

Jacob Gourley’s collaboration with the SYST has proven to be an incredible opportunity for aspiring young artists. The charcoal drawing classes provided a nurturing environment for the participants, allowing them to explore their creativity and develop their artistic skills. From still life to portraiture, Gourley guided the students through various techniques, encouraging them to express themselves authentically.

During the classes, Gourley introduced the young artists to the beauty of charcoal as a medium. Its versatility and rich tonal range allowed the participants to experiment and create captivating artworks. Additionally, Gourley emphasized the importance of intuition and imagination in the artistic process, leading the students to explore intuitive mark-making and imaginary drawing.

The young people who attended Jacob Gourley’s charcoal drawing classes at SYST were captivated by the experience. They not only gained valuable insights into the world of art but also found joy and inspiration in the creative process. The classes provided a platform for personal growth and self-expression, fostering a sense of accomplishment and empowerment among the participants.

Several attendees have expressed their enthusiasm for the charcoal drawing classes and wholeheartedly recommend them to others. The opportunity to learn from a talented artist like Jacob Gourley and explore the world of charcoal drawing has left a lasting impression on these young artists. Their positive experiences stand as a testament to Gourley’s ability to inspire and connect with aspiring artists of all backgrounds.

The Shropshire Youth Support Trust (SYST) plays a vital role in empowering young people, providing them with essential support, and nurturing their talents. Jacob Gourley’s contribution to SYST through his charcoal drawing classes is a remarkable example of the transformative power of art in the community.

To learn more about Jacob Gourley’s work and his collaboration with SYST, please visit By supporting SYST, you can contribute to the growth and development of young artists, enabling them to unlock their potential and pursue their artistic dreams.

Jacob Gourley’s collaboration with the Shropshire Youth Support Trust has been a resounding success, demonstrating the profound impact of art on young lives. Through his charcoal drawing classes, Gourley has ignited a passion for creativity, empowering the participants to explore their artistic abilities and express themselves through art. The endorsement and recommendation from the young artists themselves speak volumes about Gourley’s dedication and the value of his classes.

Let us celebrate Jacob Gourley’s exceptional talent and his unwavering commitment to supporting the local community. His efforts have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the lives of the young artists he has mentored, inspiring them to pursue their artistic aspirations and encouraging others to do the same.

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